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Brandon Phillips Gives Epic Autograph to Heckler


For those of you who don’t follow Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips on social media, I suggest you do. Not only is the veteran infielder active, he’s also extremely fan-friendly and often sets up potential autograph locations at the ballpark prior to opening pitch.
Of course, not all baseball fans he encounters are grateful. On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, Phillips had to deal with an apparently drunk and rather obnoxious spectator who started heckling the infielder during a 7th inning rain delay.

With few fans in the stands, the heckles could be heard loud and clear. That lead Phillips out of the dugout, where he walked over to the irritating fan, offered to take a selfie, and provided him with an autographed baseball.

Of course, it wasn’t your standard autograph.

That drunk fan is a hero to hecklers everywhere.



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