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Is this the most compelling evidence yet that LeBron is considering returning to Cleveland?

LeBron returning to Cleveland?

Is this the most compelling evidence yet that LeBron James is seriously considering returning to Cleveland?

Extra Mustard has obtained the video footage above that may very well hint as to where superstar free agent LeBron James is considering signing this offseason. LeBron can be seen in the video engaging in goofy shenanigans with Cleveland residents Oswald, Dan Gilbert, Lewis and Kyrie Irving, among others. Although his huskier build and smaller stature is slightly concerning, it's understandable that LeBron would be getting some much needed rest following a grueling season. That fact that he's chosen to spend his free time chanting "Cleveland rocks!" can only be considered a positive development for the Cavs. 

No idea why he's hanging out with Mimi though. 

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