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Finally, someone has made a football league for kittens

Finally, someone has made a football league for kittens Photo:

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The Hallmark channel has announced that it will be launching the Feline Football League, a web series in which kittens are recruited for the channel's year end Kitten Bowl extravaganza.

This fall will see weekly games between all-cat teams like the North Shore Bengals and Cedar Cove cougars, who appeared in the inaugural Su-Purr Bowl Sunday game earlier this year. 

The channel's Kitten Bowl was created as a response to the Animal Planet's popular Puppy Bowl special, both of which were closer games than the actual Super Bowl last year.

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The league starts in November, so head to your nearest newsstand to get your feline fantasy football rankings ASAP.

[LA Times]

-Brendan Maloy


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