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Bills welcome Rex Ryan with a gigantic pizza

Bills welcome Rex Ryan with a gigantic pizza Photo:

The Buffalo Bills new head coach Rex Ryan got an odd-looking welcome gift from the team in the form of a pizza that very much appears to have frosting on it.

The website for La Nova, the local pizzeria that made the pie for Ryan, offers custom decorations on pizza, which La Nova told Extra Mustard are generally made with flavorless edible paper. However, the Bills order was made using spinach, ricotta cheese and food coloring.

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While frosting and pizza are two of the finest things on Earth, the two do not seem like they would mix well together.

Jim Schwartz won't return as Bills DC
With Rex Ryan as the Buffalo Bills new head coach, Jim Schwartz will not be returning as the team's defensive coordinator.

- This post was updated to clarify how La Nova decorated the pizza.

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