Fantasy football 2013 draft preview: PPR Mock Draft


Tight end Jimmy Graham went ninth overall in this draft, well above his preseason ranking and ADP.

Fantasy football 2013 draft prep central: Rankings, position primers and much more

Even though preseason games have yet to begin, early August can be the best time to test your fantasy football draft strategies. That way, if you make a mistake, you can learn from your gaffes and scrap the strategies that didn't work.

On Aug. 1, I joined some of the best veteran fantasy analysts in a 12-team PPR fantasy mock draft. The particular scoring system we operated under rewards only four points for a passing touchdown, which is the first quarterback (Aaron Rodgers) didn't come off the board until Round 4. Also, the rosters require two wide receivers and a flex, which can be a running back or a receiver.

Results breakdown

• First quarterback: Aaron Rodgers with the first pick in Round 4.

• First rookie: Running back Montee Ball with the eighth pick in Round 3.

• First tight end: Jimmy Graham with the ninth overall pick. Reach! Graham is a late second rounder in SI.com's Top 300.

• Rob Gronkowski went with the last pick of Round 2. That's where Graham should have gone. Gronk shouldn't go before Round 4 until he proves he'll play in Week 1.

• Not drafted: WR Percy Harvin, WR Michael Crabtree, QB Joe Flacco, QB Josh Freeman, QB Jay Cutler, QB Matt Schaub, RB Jonathan Dwyer and WR Jeremy Kerley.


Fantasy football PPR Mock Draft results
Round & PickPlayerPositionNFL TeamFantasy Team
R1 P1 Adrian Peterson RB MIN FantasyTaz.com
R1 P2 Jamaal Charles RB KC Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R1 P3 Doug Martin RB TB Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R1 P4 C.J. Spiller RB BUF RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R1 P5 Calvin Johnson WR DET Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R1 P6 Arian Foster RB HOU Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R1 P7 Ray Rice RB BAL Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R1 P8 Marshawn Lynch RB SEA Howard Bender - RotoWire
R1 P9 Jimmy Graham TE NO Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R1 P10 Trent Richardson RB CLE Team 10
R1 P11 LeSean McCoy RB PHI Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R1 P12 A.J. Green WR CIN David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R2 P1 Matt Forte RB CHI David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R2 P2 Steven Jackson RB ATL Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R2 P3 Dez Bryant WR DAL Team 10
R2 P4 Chris Johnson RB TEN Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R2 P5 Brandon Marshall WR CHI Howard Bender - RotoWire
R2 P6 Alfred Morris RB WAS Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R2 P7 Darren Sproles RB NO Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R2 P8 Reggie Bush RB DET Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R2 P9 Demaryius Thomas WR DEN RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R2 P10 Julio Jones WR ATL Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R2 P11 Maurice Jones-Drew RB JAX Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R2 P12 Rob Gronkowski TE NE FantasyTaz.com
R3 P1 Lamar Miller RB MIA FantasyTaz.com
R3 P2 Andre Johnson WR HOU Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R3 P3 Stevan Ridley RB NE Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R3 P4 DeMarco Murray RB DAL RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R3 P5 Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R3 P6 Randall Cobb WR GB Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R3 P7 Roddy White WR ATL Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R3 P8 Montee Ball RB DEN Howard Bender - RotoWire
R3 P9 Shane Vereen RB NE Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R3 P10 David Wilson RB NYG Team 10
R3 P11 Victor Cruz WR NYG Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R3 P12 Marques Colston WR NO David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R4 P1 Aaron Rodgers QB GB David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R4 P2 Vincent Jackson WR TB Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R4 P3 LeVeon Bell RB PIT Team 10
R4 P4 Danny Amendola WR NE Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R4 P5 Jordy Nelson WR GB Howard Bender - RotoWire
R4 P6 Drew Brees QB NO Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R4 P7 Darren McFadden RB OAK Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R4 P8 Frank Gore RB SF Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R4 P9 Dwayne Bowe WR KC RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R4 P10 Peyton Manning QB DEN Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R4 P11 Rashard Mendenhall RB ARI Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R4 P12 Reggie Wayne WR IND FantasyTaz.com
R5 P1 Ahmad Bradshaw RB IND FantasyTaz.com
R5 P2 Cecil Shorts WR JAX Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R5 P3 Wes Welker WR DEN Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R5 P4 Pierre Garcon WR WAS RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R5 P5 Vernon Davis TE SF Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R5 P6 Cam Newton QB CAR Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R5 P7 Hakeem Nicks WR NYG Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R5 P8 Antonio Brown WR PIT Howard Bender - RotoWire
R5 P9 Giovani Bernard RB CIN Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R5 P10 Torrey Smith WR BAL Team 10
R5 P11 Matt Ryan QB ATL Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R5 P12 Ryan Mathews RB SD David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R6 P1 Chris Ivory RB NYJ David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R6 P2 Jason Witten TE DAL Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R6 P3 Mike Wallace WR MIA Team 10
R6 P4 Steve Smith WR CAR Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R6 P5 Eddie Lacy RB GB Howard Bender - RotoWire
R6 P6 Eric Decker WR DEN Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R6 P7 Greg Jennings WR MIN Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R6 P8 Tom Brady QB NE Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R6 P9 Danario Alexander WR SD RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R6 P10 DeSean Jackson WR PHI Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R6 P11 Andrew Luck QB IND Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R6 P12 Mike Williams WR TB FantasyTaz.com
R7 P1 Steve Johnson WR BUF FantasyTaz.com
R7 P2 Tony Gonzalez TE ATL Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R7 P3 James Jones WR GB Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R7 P4 Greg Olsen TE CAR RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R7 P5 Kenny Britt WR TEN Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R7 P6 Tavon Austin WR STL Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R7 P7 Andre Brown RB NYG Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R7 P8 Colin Kaepernick QB SF Howard Bender - RotoWire
R7 P9 Anquan Boldin WR SF Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R7 P10 Matthew Stafford QB DET Team 10
R7 P11 Daryl Richardson RB STL Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R7 P12 Kyle Rudolph TE MIN David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R8 P1 Josh Gordon WR CLE David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R8 P2 Danny Woodhead RB SD Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R8 P3 T.Y. Hilton WR IND Team 10
R8 P4 Tony Romo QB DAL Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R8 P5 LaMichael James RB SF Howard Bender - RotoWire
R8 P6 Lance Moore WR NO Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R8 P7 Johnathan Franklin RB GB Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R8 P8 Golden Tate WR SEA Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R8 P9 Bryce Brown RB PHI RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R8 P10 Mark Ingram RB NO Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R8 P11 Denarius Moore WR OAK Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R8 P12 Ronnie Hillman RB DEN FantasyTaz.com
R9 P1 Russell Wilson QB SEA FantasyTaz.com
R9 P2 DeAngelo Williams RB CAR Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R9 P3 Robert Griffin QB WAS Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R9 P4 DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R9 P5 Ben Tate RB HOU Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R9 P6 Miles Austin WR DAL Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R9 P7 Owen Daniels TE HOU Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R9 P8 Michael Floyd WR ARI Howard Bender - RotoWire
R9 P9 Kendall Wright WR TEN Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R9 P10 Jared Cook TE STL Team 10
R9 P11 Sidney Rice WR SEA Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R9 P12 BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB CIN David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R10 P1 Chris Givens WR STL David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R10 P2 Ryan Broyles WR DET Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R10 P3 Jonathan Stewart RB CAR Team 10
R10 P4 Pierre Thomas RB NO Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R10 P5 Eli Manning QB NYG Howard Bender - RotoWire
R10 P6 Antonio Gates TE SD Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R10 P7 Justin Blackmon WR JAX Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R10 P8 Vincent Brown WR SD Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R10 P9 Rueben Randle WR NYG RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R10 P10 Seattle Seahawks DEF SEA Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R10 P11 Rod Streater WR OAK Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R10 P12 Bernard Pierce RB BAL FantasyTaz.com
R11 P1 Brian Hartline WR MIA FantasyTaz.com
R11 P2 Darrius Heyward-Bey WR IND Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R11 P3 Vick Ballard RB IND Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R11 P4 Zac Stacy RB STL RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R11 P5 Aaron Dobson WR NE Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R11 P6 Jermichael Finley TE GB Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R11 P7 Mikel Leshoure RB DET Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R11 P8 SanFrancisco 49ers DEF SF Howard Bender - RotoWire
R11 P9 Fred Jackson RB BUF Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R11 P10 Emmanuel Sanders WR PIT Team 10
R11 P11 Isaiah Pead RB STL Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R11 P12 Michael Bush RB CHI David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R12 P1 Santonio Holmes WR NYJ David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R12 P2 Alshon Jeffery WR CHI Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R12 P3 Joique Bell RB DET Team 10
R12 P4 Cordarrelle Patterson WR MIN Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R12 P5 Mohamed Sanu WR CIN Howard Bender - RotoWire
R12 P6 Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R12 P7 Greg Little WR CLE Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R12 P8 Julian Edelman WR NE Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R12 P9 Andy Dalton QB CIN RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R12 P10 Brandon Pettigrew TE DET Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R12 P11 Brandon Myers TE NYG Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R12 P12 Carson Palmer QB ARI FantasyTaz.com
R13 P1 Dustin Keller TE MIA FantasyTaz.com
R13 P2 Sam Bradford QB STL Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R13 P3 Stephen Gostkowski K NE Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R13 P4 Houston Texans DEF HOU RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R13 P5 Michael Vick QB PHI Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R13 P6 Jacquizz Rodgers RB ATL Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R13 P7 Joseph Randle RB DAL Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R13 P8 Robert Housler TE ARI Howard Bender - RotoWire
R13 P9 Jordan Cameron TE CLE Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R13 P10 Martellus Bennett TE CHI Team 10
R13 P11 Philip Rivers QB SD Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R13 P12 Chicago Bears DEF CHI David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R14 P1 Jermaine Gresham TE CIN David Gonos - DavidGonos.com
R14 P2 Arizona Cardinals DEF ARI Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R14 P3 Denver Broncos DEF DEN Team 10
R14 P4 St.Louis Rams DEF STL Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R14 P5 Knowshon Moreno RB DEN Howard Bender - RotoWire
R14 P6 Baltimore Ravens DEF BAL Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R14 P7 Miami Dolphins DEF MIA Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R14 P8 Pittsburgh Steelers DEF PIT Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R14 P9 E.J. Manuel QB BUF RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R14 P10 Ryan Williams RB ARI Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R14 P11 Minnesota Vikings DEF MIN Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R14 P12 Greg Zuerlein K STL FantasyTaz.com
R15 P1 New England Patriots DEF NE FantasyTaz.com
R15 P2 Matt Bryant K ATL Bob Harris - Football Diehards
R15 P3 Cincinnati Bengals DEF CIN Eric Mack - Sports Illustrated
R15 P4 Matt Prater K DEN RevlisFootball - RotoViz.com
R15 P5 Phil Dawson K SF Dalton Del Don - Yahoo! Sports
R15 P6 Justin Tucker K BAL Nick Raducanu - @FantasyTrade411
R15 P7 Randy Bullock K HOU Jody Smith- GridironExperts.com
R15 P8 Blair Walsh K MIN Howard Bender - RotoWire
R15 P9 Steven Hauschka K SEA Jeff Haseley - FootballGuys.com
R15 P10 Alex Henery K PHI Team 10
R15 P11 Garrett Hartley K NO Sablich Brothers - The New York Times
R15 P12 David Akers K DET David Gonos - DavidGonos.com

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