Report: Vote on NBPA Executive Director to take place Monday

Report: Vote on NBPA Executive Director to take place Monday Photo:

A vote will be held Monday to determine the next executive director of The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), according to Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

Three finalists will make 45-minute presentations at a union meeting in Las Vegas before the vote.

Former Suns star and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who had been charged with leading a search committee for a new executive director, told player agents that he will no longer be involved in the hiring process.

Johnson's group reportedly felt "cast aside" after the NBPA executive committee expressed a desire to lead the process.

Johnson wrote an email to agents:

"While we'd hoped to help bring this to completion, it's clear that won't be possible."

The organization has been without an executive director since Billy Hunter was ousted in February 2013 amid allegations of corruption.

The NBPA and owners negotiated the current CBA after a lockout in 2011. There is speculation that there could be another lockout after the 2016-17 season, when either side can exercise its ability to opt out.

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