Donald Sterling requests stay of ruling against him

Donald Sterling requests stay of ruling against him Photo:

Donald Sterling requested an immediate stay of a judge's ruling against him in July, a ruling that allowed the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to proceed. 

In July, Los Angeles judge Michael Levanas ruled decisively against Sterling and determined that that Shelly Sterling had acted lawfully in her efforts to sell the Clippers. In a somewhat unusual move, Levanas invoked Section 1310(b) of California Probate Code, allowing the NBA to continue with the sale regardless of any appeals by Sterling. 

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Sterling's stay request aims to overturn that 1310(b) order. Sterling filed the petition Friday, which said in part, "By prematurely finalizing the statement of decision, the trial court has taken away Donald’s right to object specifically provided for under the California rules of court."

- Alex Hampl 


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