2013 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Photo: Michael Conroy/AP

Dion Jordan wowed scouts at the combine, running a 4.6 40 despite dealing with a shoulder injury.

We told you this year's draft was one of those exception-to-rule affairs, and the just-completed NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis seemed to confirm it. To wit:

-- Very little buzz about the quarterbacks, with only West Virginia's Geno Smith currently seen as very likely to wind up in the first round.

-- Offensive linemen getting the lion's share of the respect and attention at the top, with five of the new top 10 in my new 2.0 mock draft being blockers.

-- And defensive linemen galore, with 11 of the final 22 picks in this mock being either defensive ends or tackles, and 12 out of 32 overall.

As always, for better or for worse, the combine changed plenty of perceptions as March and the league's free agency period approaches. Plenty of risers and fallers are reflected here when compared to my first mock, more than a month ago. As always, your results will vary....

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