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Kevin Garnett Rails Against Boston Media: 'I Can Shoot 3's'

Kevin Garnett had his best game of the season this afternoon for the Boston Celtics, helping them to a 98-80 romp at home over the Memphis Grizzlies. The Big Ticket dropped 24 points and nine rebounds, helping the C's improve to 8-1 in their last nine games.

But more notably, he made his third 3-pointer of the season, making him 3-for-3 -- and his postgame rant to the Boston media was enough to raise a few eyebrows.

"Y’all stop acting like y’all shocked that I can shoot 3’s," Garnett said. "Everybody in Boston, everybody in the world, everybody in Minnesota, everybody wherever I’m at -- Concord, Lexington, Burlington -- I can shoot 3’s, OK? Let that go. I can shoot 3’s. Y’all are acting all shocked like you ain’t seen a black guy hit a 3. The hell’s going on with y’all? I can shoot 3’s, alright?"

Garnett is perfect this season but only 171-of-599 for his career, or 28.5 percent. Even in his MVP season of 2003-04 he was miserable from 3-point range, shooting 25.6 percent.

But KG couldn't care less about the numbers -- he knows the real truth. Click here for the full six-paragraph transcript of his epic rant, as told by ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg.
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