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Panthers likely to stick with Beason at middle linebacker

Jon Beason Jon Beason will likely return as the Panthers' middle linebacker for Week 7. (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

When Jon Beason returns to the Panthers lineup in Week 7, he'll be back at middle linebacker, according to a report from the Charlotte Observer. The three-time Pro-Bowler missed Sunday's game against the Seahawks with shoulder and knee injuries; he said he aimed to stay in the middle when he returns after the bye week:

“That’s what’s been communicated to me, so I’m sticking with that,” Beason said Monday. “I’ve been playing the Mike thus far, and I don’t anticipate anything different.”

Rookie Luke Kuechly started in Beason's place and had one of his best games with 11 tackles and an interception. Kuechly, a first-round draft pick out of Boston College, set NCAA tackling records as a middle linebacker but said he doesn't mind moving to the weakside where he played before Beason's injury:

"“Nah,” Kuechly said. “We’ll see what happens in the bye week. It doesn’t really matter too much to me.”
Beason holds the Panthers' top three single-season records in tackles. He suffered a season-ending injury to his Achilles during Week 1 of 2011 and has had nagging injuries throughout the first few weeks of 2012.
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