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Report: NFL concussion case critic Deion Sanders filed head trauma workers' comp claim

Deion Sanders filed a head trauma worker's compensation case in 2010. (Elsa/Getty Images) Deion Sanders reportedly filed a workers' compensation claim for head trauma in 2010. (Elsa/Getty Images)

As part of his role as NFL Network analyst, Deion Sanders questioned the motives of some of the ex-NFL players filing concussion lawsuits against the league. On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times, having analyzed state workers' compensation data, reported that Sanders had filed a workers' compensation claim in California alleging head trauma and injuries incurred while playing for the Cowboys.

The Times cited Sanders' statement on the NFL Network's Super Bowl pregame broadcast in February:

"The game is a safe game," the television analyst and Hall of Fame cornerback said. "I don't buy all these guys coming back with these concussions. I'm not buying all that. Half these guys are trying to make money off the deal."

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According to the Times, Sanders' workers' compensation case is pending. Part of the Hall of Fame member's case includes an evaluation from the Division of Workers' Compensation in November 2010 that Sanders was 86% disabled.

From the Times:

Four doctors who examined the former star diagnosed more than a dozen medical conditions, including cognitive impairment and behavioral/emotional disorder. The review also said Sanders suffered from arthritis and "arousal disorder," a sleep impairment.

The Times reports Sanders is one of a number of current NFL employees, including at least six other NFL Network analysts and dozens of assistant coaches and team personnel, who have made such workers' compensation claims.

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