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100 Greatest Moments


Super Clutch

The Super Bowl win was the first of the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era; they have won three more since. This was also the first Super Bowl-winning kick of Vinatieri's career, establishing him as one of the best kickers of his generation.RANK: 64 LOCATION: Superdome | New Orleans, La. DATE: 2/3/2002 CATEGORY: NFL


The Greatest Game

The 1958 title game helped popularize the NFL thanks in part to NBC's national television broadcast of the game.RANK: 4 LOCATION: Yankee Stadium | Bronx, NY DATE: 12/28/1958 CATEGORY: NFL


The Catch

The play launched the 49ers to the Super Bowl, where they beat the Bengals 26-21 in what was the beginning of a dynastic run that saw San Francisco win four championships by the end of the decade.RANK: 33 LOCATION: Candlestick Park | San Francisco, Calif. DATE: 1/10/1982 CATEGORY: NFL


The Immaculate Reception

The play was the beginning of the end of a futile period in Pittsburgh, as the Steelers went on to win four Super Bowls in six years through the ‘70s. Though they lost their next game against the Miami Dolphins, the play is regarded as one of the greatest in NFL history.RANK: 47 LOCATION: Three Rivers Stadium | Pittsburgh, Pa. DATE: 12/23/1972 CATEGORY: NFL


The Guarantee

Namath and the Jets followed through on the guarantee, defeating the Colts 16-7. Namath won Super Bowl MVP, cementing his legacy. He would be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.RANK: 9 LOCATION: Orange Bowl | Miami, Fla. DATE: 1/12/1969 CATEGORY: NFL


The Ice Bowl

It was the third consecutive NFL Championship for the Packers, but this game would be known because of its frigid temperature. With wind chill, the temperature was -48 degrees. Several players suffered from frostbite during the game, including Starr, who got it on his fingers.RANK: 55 LOCATION: Lambeau Field | Green Bay, Wisc. DATE: 12/31/1967 CATEGORY: NFL


The Helmet Catch

Four plays after that, the Giants scored on a touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress, giving them a 17-14 victory. The Super Bowl win stopped New England’s bid at a perfect season, which hasn’t been accomplished since the 1972 Dolphins.RANK: 19 LOCATION: University of Phoenix Stadium | Glendale, Ariz. DATE: 2/3/2008 CATEGORY: NFL


The Longest Yard

The Rams, which featured a high-powered offense known as "The Greatest Show on Turf," ironically got their Super Bowl victory thanks to that defensive play. Mike Jones played for several more years before retiring after the 2002 season. The Rams' MVP quarterback Kurt Warner threw for 414 yards and became the sixth player to win both the NFL MVP and the Super Bowl MVP.RANK: 83 LOCATION: Georgia Dome | Atlanta, Ga. DATE: 1/30/2000 CATEGORY: NFL


The Music City Miracle

The Titans would end up playing the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV. They lost the game after Dyson was tackled one yard short of the end zone on the final play.RANK: 93 LOCATION: Adelphia Coliseum | Nashville, Tenn. DATE: 1/8/2000 CATEGORY: NFL


The Steelers! Are Super!

The victory over the Arizona Cardinals gave Ben Roethlisberger his second Super Bowl title. On the other side, Cardinals QB Kurt Warner fell to 1-2 in the Super Bowl and would retire after the following season.RANK: 28 LOCATION: Raymond James Stadium | Tampa, Fla. DATE: 2/1/2009 CATEGORY: NFL



Malcolm Butler, who had no interceptions in the regular season and was a rookie free-agent from Western Alabama, saw Seattle’s receivers were lined up to run a pick route. He jumped the route and intercepted the ball at the goal line. The Patriots were able to run the clock out and win their fourth Super Bowl in franchise history.RANK: 25 LOCATION: University of Phoenix Stadium | Glendale, Ariz. DATE: 2/1/2015 CATEGORY: NFL


The Night Is Young's

Players from this instant classic dominated the NFL draft, with four of them going in the top 10 (Young went No. 3). An NCAA investigation would eventually conclude USC's Reggie Bush received illegal benefits while at the school, causing the Trojan to vacate their 12 wins from that season.RANK: 34 LOCATION: Rose Bowl | Pasadena, Calif. DATE: 1/4/2006 CATEGORY: NCAA FB


The Play

Controversy ensued after the game, debating whether some of the laterals were legal and what to do about the band being on the field. Joe Starkey’s radio call of the play is one of the most well-known calls in college football history.RANK: 29 LOCATION: California Memorial Stadium | Berkeley, Calif. DATE: 11/20/1982 CATEGORY: NCAA FB


Almost Perfect

The win marked UCLA's seventh consecutive national championship, ninth in 10 years and coach John Wooden's second-to-last national title. Walton would eventually go No. 1 in the NBA draft, but his career was largely marred by injuries.RANK: 46 LOCATION: St. Louis Arena | St. Louis, Mo. DATE: 3/26/1973 CATEGORY: NCAA BB


Glory Road

Though the change did not occur immediately, in the years that followed this game, basketball teams quickly became integrated. Between 1966 and 1985, the average number of black players doubled.RANK: 23 LOCATION: Cole Field House | College Park, Md. DATE: 3/19/1966 CATEGORY: NCAA BB


Irish Stop Streak

Even though the Irish were undefeated and the No. 2 team in the country, they were major underdogs to the Bruins, who had won the previous seven national championships. UCLA would go on to lose two more games in the regular season and then lose in double overtime to NC State in the semifinals of the NCAA tournament.RANK: 37 LOCATION: Athletic & Convocation Center | South Bend, Ind. DATE: 1/19/1974 CATEGORY: NCAA BB


Johnny on the Spot

Rodgers would win the Heisman Trophy in 1972, while the Cornhuskers marched on in 1971, winning their second straight national championship.RANK: 76 LOCATION: Oklahoma Memorial Stadium | Norman, Okla. DATE: 11/25/1971 CATEGORY: NCAA FB


Two For the Win

Nebraska was the dominant team in the 1983 college football season with an undefeated record, No. 1 ranking, the Hesiman Trophy winner, the future No. 1 pick in the NFL draft and an All-American quarterback, but Osborne's decision to go for two cost Nebraska a national title.RANK: 96 LOCATION: Orange Bowl | Miami, Fla. DATE: 1/2/1984 CATEGORY: NCAA FB


When the (March) Madness Began

The game served as a launching pad for the rivalry between Bird and Magic, who would trade NBA titles throughout the '80s, and also helped launch basketball into the national sports conversation.RANK: 30 LOCATION: Special Events Center | Salt Lake City, Utah DATE: 3/26/1979 CATEGORY: NCAA BB


Party Crashers

Boise State finished the season undefeated, including a BCS bowl win, but never had a chance to compete for a national championship and evidence of the need for a college football playoff.RANK: 100 LOCATION: University of Phoenix Stadium | Glendale, Ariz. DATE: 1/1/2007 CATEGORY: NCAA FB


A Team That Was Blessed

Both games were ranked by USA Today as some of the best in NCAA Tournament history (ranked 6th and 11th, respectively). North Carolina's 1957 championship was the first one in school history.RANK: 77 LOCATION: Kansas City, Mo. DATE: 3/23/1957 CATEGORY: NCAA BB


Hail Flutie

Flutie would leave college as the all-time leader in passing yards and total yardage. He would win the Heisman Trophy for that magical '84 season and will forever be associated with the throw.RANK: 60 LOCATION: Orange Bowl | Miami, Fla. DATE: 11/23/1984 CATEGORY: NCAA FB


90 in a Row

Like UCLA’s 88-game win streak in the ‘70s, UConn’s streak was book-ended by losses to the same team. For the Huskies, that team was Stanford, who beat them in the Final Four in 2008 and then again in 2010. UConn would go on to be upset by Notre Dame in the NCAA Tournament, failing to win a third straight title.RANK: 73 LOCATION: Maples Pavilion | Palo Alto, Calif. DATE: 12/28/2010 CATEGORY: NCAA BB


'Nova Does the Impossible

This marked the first year the NCAA tournament expanded to 64 teams, so it's fitting that it also yielded an all-time upset. An eighth seed, Villanova remains the lowest-seeded team to ever win the NCAA title.RANK: 52 LOCATION: Rupp Arena | Lexington, Ky. DATE: 4/1/1985 CATEGORY: NCAA BB


The Kick Six

Alabama wouldn’t get a chance to play for its third straight title, and Auburn met Missouri in the SEC Championship Game. Auburn won and went on to play Florida State in the BCS Championship game, but lost 34-31.RANK: 53 LOCATION: Jordan–Hare Stadium | Auburn, Alabama DATE: 11/30/2013 CATEGORY: NCAA FB


The Wizard of Westwood

Wooden’s legendary career included winning 10 national titles in his final 12 years as coach of the Bruins, including a stretch of seven in a row. Wooden is regarded as one of the greatest coaches in sports history.RANK: 63 LOCATION: San Diego Sports Arena | San Diego, Calif. DATE: 3/31/1975 CATEGORY: NCAA BB


The Shot

Duke went on to win the championship, beating Michigan by 20 points in the final to take the second title in Blue Devils history.RANK: 11 LOCATION: The Spectrum | Philadelphia, Penn. DATE: 3/28/1992 CATEGORY: NCAA BB


Looking for Someone to Hug

Houston, 31-2 entering the game, was one of the most talented college teams of all time, but it was no match for the "Cardiac Pack." Jim Valvano's squad won close game after close game, and the lasting image from this tournament remains an elated Valvano looking for someone to celebrate with after N.C. State's unlikely victory.RANK: 26 LOCATION: University Arena | Albuquerque, N.M. DATE: 4/4/1983 CATEGORY: NCAA BB


The Galloping Ghost

Grange eventually joined the Chicago Bears, helping to lay the groundwork for the college-to-NFL pipeline that exists today.RANK: 86 LOCATION: Memorial Stadium | Champiagn, Ill. DATE: 10/18/1924 CATEGORY: NCAA FB


"Havlicek Stole the Ball"

The remarkable play is also further etched in history because of Celtics broadcaster Johnny Most’s call of the play. The Celtics won the series with that steal, and went on to win their seventh straight NBA title.RANK: 61 LOCATION: Boston Garden | Boston, Mass. DATE: 4/15/1965 CATEGORY: NBA


A Magic Night

Magic's announcement brought HIV and AIDS into the national conversation, with many players expressing concern that he could spread the disease on the court. Magic would go on to play in the 1992 Olympics but fear about his disease curtailed a comeback plan for the '92-93 NBA season.RANK: 40 LOCATION: Orlando Arena | Orlando, Fla. DATE: 2/9/1992 CATEGORY: NBA


An NBA Finals Classic

The Celtics won Game 6 two days later in Phoenix, giving the franchise its 13th NBA title.RANK: 79 LOCATION: Boston Garden | Boston, Mass. DATE: 6/4/1976 CATEGORY: NBA


Magic in the Middle

Magic was named Finals MVP and established himself as one of the most versatile players in NBA history. He would go on to win four more championships, all with the Lakers.RANK: 66 LOCATION: The Spectrum | Philadelphia, Penn. DATE: 5/4/1980 CATEGORY: NBA


Bird of Prey

The Celtics went up 3-2 in the series and ended up winning in seven games. Announcer Johnny Most’s call immortalized the play: “Now there’s a steal by Bird, underneath to DJ, lays it in!” The Celtics went on to lose the NBA Finals to Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers. Vault / Click Here RANK: 95 LOCATION: Boston Garden | Boston, Mass. DATE: 5/26/1987 CATEGORY: NBA


Jordan Rules Again

The game-winner was Jordan's last shot in a Bulls uniform as he retired in the off-season. Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman also departed Chicago shortly thereafter, bringing the Bulls reign to an end.RANK: 12 LOCATION: Delta Center | Salt Lake City, Utah DATE: 6/14/1998 CATEGORY: NBA


Bolt Strikes Twice

Bolt cemented himself in Olympics history with the Beijing performance, and then again in the next Summer Olympics in London. He successfully defended all three titles in the 2012 Olympics. He currently holds three world records—100-meter (9.58 seconds) 200-meter (19.19 seconds) and the 4x100 relay (36.84 seconds).RANK: 65 LOCATION: Beijing National Stadium | Beijing, China DATE: 8/20/2008 CATEGORY: NBA


A Dynasty Begins

The championship would serve as the beginning of a Celtics dynasty that would win 11 championships in 13 seasons. Coach Red Auerbach would lead Boston to nine of those titles, including eight in a row from 1958-66.RANK: 89 LOCATION: Boston Garden | Boston, Mass. DATE: 4/13/1957 CATEGORY: NBA


Oh Captain, My Captain

Reed's entrance entered Knicks lore and helped elevate Madison Square Garden as a mecca of basketball. With the win, New York became the first city to capture a championship in each of the major North American sports (NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB).RANK: 38 LOCATION: Madison Square Garden | New York, NY DATE: 5/8/1970 CATEGORY: NBA



Chamberlain's record still stands as the most points scored in a single NBA game, one of many NBA records set by Chamberlain during his 15-year career.RANK: 16 LOCATION: Hershey Sports Arena | Hershey, Pa. DATE: 3/2/1962 CATEGORY: NBA


The New Iron Man

Ripken went on to play in 2,632 consecutive games. The streak ended when he removed himself from the starting lineup on September 20, 1998. He played until the end of the 2001 season and was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2007.RANK: 51 LOCATION: Camden Yards | Baltimore, Md. DATE: 9/6/1995 CATEGORY: MLB



Aaron would finish his career with 755 home runs, a record that stood for 31 years until it was broken by Barry Bonds.RANK: 10 LOCATION: Turner Field | Atlanta, GA. DATE: 4/8/1974 CATEGORY: MLB


The Called Shot

The called shot by Babe Ruth added to his legendary aura as the Yankees swept the Cubs in the World Series.RANK: 90 LOCATION: Wrigley Field | Chicago, Ill. DATE: 10/1/1932 CATEGORY: MLB


56 Straight

The hit streak ended with an 0-for-3 game with a walk, cementing the streak at 56 games. No one has come very close to that record since—the nearest was Pete Rose in 1978, who had a 44-game hitting streak.RANK: 27 LOCATION: Cleveland Stadium | Cleveland, Ohio DATE: 7/17/1941 CATEGORY: MLB


The Impossible Happened

The at-bat was Gibson's only plate appearance of the World Series, but it helped Los Angeles win the World Series in five games.RANK: 62 LOCATION: Dodger Stadium | Los Angeles, Calif. DATE: 10/15/1988 CATEGORY: MLB


"Touch 'Em All, Joe"

The 1993 World Series was only the second World Series to end on a walkoff home run (the other is higher up on our list). Following their World Series win the Blue Jays would suffer one of the longest playoff droughts in baseball, failing to make the playoffs again until 2015.RANK: 36 LOCATION: SkyDome | Toronto, Canada DATE: 10/23/1993 CATEGORY: MLB


The Shot Heard 'Round the World

That swing won the third game of a playoff for the National League pennant for the Giants, sending them to the 1951 World Series against the New York Yankees. Radio broadcaster Russ Hodges made the call on the play (“The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!”), which is still repeated often today.RANK: 15 LOCATION: Polo Grounds | New York, NY DATE: 10/3/1951 CATEGORY: MLB


The Luckiest Man

Gehrig became the face of ALS, a disease now commonly known as Lou Gehrig disease. In 1955, MLB introduced the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award, an honor now given annually to the active player who best embodies Gehrig's generous spirit on and off the field.RANK: 22 LOCATION: Yankee Stadium | Bronx, NY DATE: 7/4/1939 CATEGORY: MLB


Mays Amazes

Mays’s catch kept the game tied, allowing the Giants to win the game 5-2 in the tenth inning off of Dusty Rhodes’s pinch-hit home run. Many consider it the greatest catch in baseball history, but some say the throw was even better. With such a deep center field at the Polo Grounds, players regularly scored from second after tagging up. Mays’s throw was right on the money, only allowing the runner at second to get to third. The Giants went on to win the World Series in four games.RANK: 85 LOCATION: Polo Grounds | New York, NY DATE: 9/29/1954 CATEGORY: MLB



Maris’s accomplishment was not immediately well received. He was met by boos and curses from the press and fans for breaking fan-favorite Babe Ruth’s mark. Maris’s record stood until 1998, when both Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa broke it. Barry Bonds then set the record that stands today with 73 home runs in 2001.RANK: 45 LOCATION: Yankee Stadium | Bronx, NY DATE: 10/1/1961 CATEGORY: MLB


Larsen's Perfect Game

Larsen's perfect game is the only one in World Series history and one of only two no-hitters in postseason history. His effort also helped propel the Yankees to their 17th World Series title.RANK: 20 LOCATION: Yankee Stadium | Bronx, NY DATE: 10/8/1956 CATEGORY: MLB