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Addison Choi, a former Babson College soccer player, faces prison time after pleading guilty in federal court of transmitting threats in interstate commerce, according to

The basis of the crime is an odd one. Choi "prolifically" gambled on sports, both at the amateur and professional levels. The problem: He lost often.

Prosecutors told that Choi accrued debts, borrowed money from friends and family, and then gambled that money away, too.

The worst part of it all was that Choi would harass players on Instagram by sending them "violent and racist" messages.

“When Choi thought that a team or player he had bet on was not performing well enough during a game for Choi to win his bet, Choi threatened those players or teams with death," prosecutors said.

In all, prosecutors found that Choi threatened at least 45 different Instagram accounts between July 27, 2017 and Dec. 6, 2017. Prosecutors said he even once threatened to kill an athlete and their family, and "hang them on a tree" during a game in July 2017.

Per, federal court records show that Choi has yet to have a sentencing hearing scheduled.


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