Random testing presented challenges for Ortiz's camp

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LAS VEGAS -- As Victor Ortiz's strength and conditioning coach, Joe "Hoss" Janik bears the burden of making sure Ortiz is in top physical condition. That duty got a little more challenging during this training camp. As part of the deal to fight Mayweather, Ortiz agreed to random blood and urine testing conducted by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

"It was definitely more intrusive," Janik said. "You always have someone else involved, someone looking over your shoulder. When there is that much scrutiny, you have to check, double check and triple check everything."

"We went with a lot more natural approach to this fight. We still supplemented a little bit, but we got more of the vitamins, the antioxidants that we needed out of foods."

With the USADA keeping a strict list of acceptable ingredients in supplements, Janik says he had to swap out a few supplements for different brands.

"There were a couple of companies in general that we used in the past and just when we threw their names out there to USADA, they said 'we have had some problems with them in the past," Janik said. "They didn't think they were purposefully trying to do something, but they didn't have as good a check and double check policy on the product. They said they had a bicyclist that used a product from a certain company that ending up testing dirty. When they went back and researched it, it turned out he didn't do anything wrong, there was just something in the supplement that should not have been there."

Despite the extra work, Janik said USADA's presence did not affect Ortiz's training.

"T don't think Victor really noticed it," Janik said. "There were little things; when he had a headache, we had to shoot them a list of [painkillers], just to see what was OK for him to take. Other than that, it was all normal."

-- Chris Mannix