Eddie Chambers signs with Main Events, eyes move to cruiserweight division

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Unable to break through for a heavyweight championship, Eddie Chambers (right) will move down in weight for a run at the cruiserweight title. (AP)


Former heavyweight title challenger Eddie Chambers has a new promoter and will soon have a new weight class. On Wednesday, Main Events announced it had signed Chambers (36-3) to a promotional agreement and that Chambers would move down to cruiserweight.

"The cruiserweight division is better because I'll be fighting guys my size," Chambers said. "I may have had some advantages at heavyweight, but imagine me at cruiser, fighting against someone my own size."

Campaigning as a cruiserweight is an idea the Philadelphia native has toyed with for some time. For the last three years Chambers has not weighed more than 210 pounds for a fight, putting him within 10 pounds of the 200-pound division limit. But his success as a heavyweight -- he has wins over former champion Samuel Peter and Calvin Brock, among others -- has kept him in the division.

However after a narrow loss to Tomasz Adamek last June, Chambers decided to make a change and go after a world title in a different weight class.

"I want to be a world champion," Chambers said. "That's what you set out to do when you start boxing. That's what I want to be, and I've worked my entire boxing career, and most of my life, at that. I want to achieve it. I see that title (belt) wrapped around my waist."

With Main Events, which is the promotional arm of NBC’s Fight Night series, Chambers should get the exposure he needs to secure a title opportunity quickly.

"I don't think anyone in the cruiserweight division can beat Eddie Chambers, period,” said Main Events CEO Kathy Duva. “We are very happy that he has decided to work with us towards his goal of winning the cruiserweight title and I have no doubt in my mind that he will get there very soon."

-- Chris Mannix