Hardaway's comments come after a scuffle in Saturday's Tennessee-Memphis game.

By Jenna West
December 18, 2018

Memphis coach Penny Hardaway is adding fuel to the fire from the Tigers' 102–92 loss to Tennessee Saturday with his criticism of Volunteers coach Rick Barnes.

Hardaway spoke to reporters Tuesday, addressing the scuffle at the end of Saturday's game.

"I don’t know who Rick Barnes thinks I am but I’m not a dude that’s going to mess around about anything," Hardaway said, per The Commercial Appeal. "I just call it like I see it. No matter how he’s trying to make things seem, and I think its kind of low class how he’s trying to downgrade my guys for flopping and all that. Man, come on, give me a break."

An altercation in the final minute of Saturday's game resulted in technical fouls for Tennessee's Jordan Bone and Memphis's Alex Lomax. Players from both teams had to be separated.

After the game, Hardaway said Tennesse's bench emptied because they wanted to start a fight with Memphis players. He also said Vols players had their "fists balled" and were talking trash to the Tigers, per the Associated Press's Teresa Walker.

Barnes responded during a Monday night radio show on The Vol Network by asking Tennessee play-by-play announcer Bob Kesling, "At any time Saturday did you ball up your fist and get ready to fight the other commentator?"

When asked Tuesday if the drama adds heat to the Tennessee-Memphis rivalry, Hardaway said, "Oh, absolutely it does." 

At the interview's conclusion, Hardaway added, "Rick Barnes, get the f--- out of here."

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