By Andy Staples
April 16, 2014
Tulane could become a recruiting power by feeding its players local cuisine, such as ribs from The Joint.
Andy Staples/SI

Arizona State: The Sun Devils will land the best linemen in Pac-12 country when the big uglies realize they can get even bigger chowing down on Chuckbox burgers every day.

Wisconsin: For breakfast, scramblers and milkshakes from Mickie's Dairy Bar. For lunch, brats from State Street Brats. For dinner, burgers and cheese curds from Dotty Dumpling's Dowry. For a late-night snack, mac-and-cheese slices from Ian's Pizza. The Badgers' offensive linemen would be exactly the same size as they are right now.

Already a sought-after program, Texas A&M could lure recruits with chicken fried bacon from Sodolak's.
Andy Staples/SI

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