By Stewart Mandel
June 04, 2014
Can dynamic quarterback Marcus Mariota (8) and Oregon make a run at a College Football Playoff berth?
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Vegas recently released its over-under win totals for the 2014 season. While the wise guys are undoubtedly smarter than I am, a few totals stick out. I would expect Tennessee is in store for more than 5.5 wins, while Notre Dame and Missouri may be a tad overrated at 9.5. Which totals stick out to you?
-- Benjamin Briggs, Mount Laurel, N.J.

BYU is in a difficult situation as college football transitions to a long-awaited four-team playoff system.
Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

I still have to make it to July 1, but, yes, I do believe I have stuck to my pledge to never acknowledge those atrocious names in the Mailbag once they went into effect in 2011. (It was unavoidable in other columns such as College Football Overtime.) Feel free to fact check that for me, dear readers, but I took this as a promising sign.

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