Florida State is really good at playing football. It should probably stick to that.
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By Martin Rickman
July 29, 2014

We've been through this time and again: if you're going to make a music video tangentially related to college football make sure you either (a) can sing, (b) have great production value or (c) have a live tiger or some sort of other impressive live animal. Otherwise you're going to get made fun of. Purdue learned the hard way. Alabama is, well, Alabama so it operates by its own set of standards and rules (like the metric system but for fanhood). And now Florida State is involved.

This comes via friends Andy Hutchins of Alligator Army and Bud Elliott of Tomahawk Nation, and features Demarcus Christmas, Derrick Nnadi, Jacob Pugh and Lorenzo Featherston telling us that they have to make it to the top in a variety of tones and falsettos, most of them flat. Look I was in college too, and I did a lot of dumb stuff and sang a lot of dumb songs. Fortunately very few, if any, of them were filmed in front of a hotel or motel or Holiday Inn, featuring slow-mo dancing or sunglasses.

To the top to the top gotta make it to the top gotta push it to the top to the top to the top and we're never going to stop to the top to the top.

Now try getting it out of your heads. FSU is everywhere and now it's burrowing into your brain in the worst ways. Please FSU, show us mercy. 

Very important update

Further investigation from the gumshoes at #FSUTwitter indicate this may be an intentional parody, but we'll need more research. Put another pot of coffee on.

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