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College football Power Rankings: South Carolina rising, Georgia falling after Week 3.

By Martin Rickman
September 15, 2014

Anyone who has played sports at any level in the last 15 years has likely had a coach attempt some version of Al Pacino's speech from Any Given Sunday. The scene from that film is iconic, a go-to clip for JumboTrons across the country.

At this point, Pacino's message might be overplayed. The inches are everywhere around us. But I'll be darned if it doesn't ring true. For example, just look at the Georgia-South Carolina game, in which one fraction of an inch allowed the Gamecocks to retain possession in the waning moments of the fourth quarter and close out a 38-35 win. “If we had a credit card we might have slipped it in there," Bulldogs coach Mark Richt said. It's too early to tell if that margin will keep the Dawgs from getting into the inaugural College Football Playoff, but it just might.

Georgia falls this week in the Power Rankings, while South Carolina rises. One play, one coaching decision, one tenth of a second (see: the play clock in the first overtime of Florida's 36-30 victory over Kentucky) is all it takes. As Pacino's character, Tony D'Amato, says: "That's football, guys. That's all it is."

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