Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Arizona all make huge leaps amid a wild shakeup in the college football Power Rankings after Week 6.

By Martin Rickman
October 06, 2014

I couldn’t help thinking about Jeff Goldblum after pausing to reflect on the madness of Week 6. Although admittedly I think about Jeff Goldblum a lot. No, not the Jeff Goldblum currently hawking smart light bulbs in this surrealist Tim & Eric-directed commercial. Rather I was thinking about Ian Malcolm, the character Jeff Goldblum played in "Jurassic Park."

Malcolm is obsessed with chaos theory, which he explains as “unpredictability in complex systems.” He demonstrates this “butterfly effect” by showing that it’s impossible to predict which way a drop of water will roll off a hand. His theory is ultimately proven right thanks in part to Wayne Knight and Barbasol as the dinosaurs make a mess of things.

We may think we have a general idea of what will happen over the course of the football season, but we don’t. We can crunch numbers, break down film, parse quotes, look at historical data, heck, even analyze the weather report, but chaos ultimately rules all.

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Chaos is what breaks fans hearts. Chaos allows a Hail Mary to drop conveniently into the arms of a receiver strolling into the end zone. Chaos drags one foot in bounds. Chaos makes college football great.

As Malcolm says in the movie, “God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.”

There was plenty of creation and destruction in Week 6, and the Power Rankings show no one is above chaos.

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