There were no major shakeups atop the latest college football power rankings.

By Colin Becht
October 13, 2015

Game control became the buzzword of the 2014 College Football Playoff race. It wasn't just, Did you win? or Who’d you beat? It was, How’d you win? This year’s playoff race looks like it will have a different buzz word: Survival.

It’s only mid-October, but the idea of expecting perfection—60 minutes of dominance week in and week out—seems laughable. So while winning with style may still help, it won’t save a team if that team goes on to lose the next week.

Week 6 was almost completely devoid of game control outside of Lawrence, Kan.—and beating up on the Jayhawks hardly seems impressive (despite TCU’s near loss last season). What’s most important is that, with a few exceptions, nearly every team with playoff aspirations managed to survive to contend another week.

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Dropped out: Georgia, USC​
Next five: Temple, Mississippi State, Wisconsin, Memphis, Georgia

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