Which Power Five league is most likely to get shut out of the College Football Playoff? Could the SEC West get two teams in? Andy Staples answers these questions and more.

By Andy Staples
October 27, 2015

In this week’s #DearAndy, Andy Staples answers your questions from Twitter on…

• Which Power Five conference is most likely to see its conference champion left out of the College Football Playoff? No league can feel perfectly safe about its playoff chances, and it’s possible two Power Five leagues could get left out this year.

• Besides winning the Big Ten championship, what has to happen for Iowa to make the playoff? Will the Hawkeyes need help from other conferences to finish in the top four even if they win out?

• Could two teams from the SEC West make the playoff? Could zero? How does Memphis’s win over Ole Miss factor in to the SEC West’s playoff chances?

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• What loss will seem the most inexplicable by the end of the season? Ohio State’s defeat at home to Virginia Tech became increasingly puzzling as last year’s season went on. Which result could be similarly perplexing this year?

• Which currently open head-coaching job is the most desirable based on local food options? Let’s rank them. What can USC athletic director Pat Haden do to sweeten the deal?

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