Who's the best college football player to play in the NCAA tournament? Andy Staples answers this and more in #DearAndy.

By Andy Staples
March 16, 2016

In this week’s #DearAndy, Andy Staples pulls you away from your March Madness bracket prep to answer your questions from Twitter on…

• Who is the best college football player to also play in the NCAA tournament? Which two-sport stud was the best on the gridiron?

• When the Big Ten’s current TV contracts end next year, will it go for a long-term deal or opt for a shorter one to match the SEC’s end date? Going with the shorter deal could lead to a monster payday down the road by packaging rights across multiple conferences and selling them as one. But it also provides less guaranteed money at a time when cord cutters are reshaping the cable TV market.

• Which redshirt freshman will have the biggest impact in 2016? There are a few redshirt freshmen quarterbacks poised to step into huge roles if they can win position battles.

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