After further review, UCLA's game-winning touchdown needed further review.

By Connor Grossman
September 04, 2017

UCLA's epic fourth-quarter comeback Saturday night provided all the drama college football fans could hope for. But did it also provide an ending too good to be true?

Quarterback Josh Rosen fired the game-winning touchdown on a fake spike play, landing a 10-yard pass in the extended arms of Jordan Lasley as he barrelled toward the far corner of the end zone. The play was immediately signaled a touchdown as Lasley's right foot clearly landed in the endzone. But upon further review, it's unclear whether or not Lasley had full possession of the ball as his momentum carried him out of the endzone.

Check it out yourself and watch the ball closely after Lasley initially plants his right foot:

At the very least, it seems odd that officials elected not to review a play of this magnitude. It looks as if Lasley kneed the ball out of his grip as his left foot was coming to the ground out of bounds. There's no telling whether enough indisputable evidence existed through alternate camera angles to overturn the call, but there's a slight bit of uncertainty hanging over the Bruins' fairytale ending.

Thankfully for UCLA fans, the referees didn't bother to give the play another look. If nothing else, that seems to have been the wrong call.

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