That's not likely to do much good. 

By Daniel Rapaport
September 16, 2017

Texas A&M is off to a disappointing start this season, having blown a 30+ point lead to lost to UCLA before limping to a 24-14 victory over Nicholls State. Now, the Aggies are having serious trouble with UL-Lafayette, as they trailed 21-14 going into halftime.

There are a lot of frustrated people in College Station, including A&M fans who aren't satisfied with the way their team is playing. Maybe that's led to some boos—I'm not sure—but whatever the fans have done or said, they prompted one A&M player to flip the double bird at his own fans

It appears the culprit is freshman wide receiver Will Gunnell. When his coaches get wind of this video, Gunnell will be in trouble (that sort of rhymes).

Update: Gunnell tweeted the following apology:

First and foremost I'd like to apologize to my family, teammates, and the university as a whole. The action was an ill-advised gesture in no way aimed at the fans. I'm deeply sorry my actions took away from the game. I was raised better and this brief moment will haunt me for the rest of my life. Again I am truly sorry to my teammates, the coaches, and the Aggie nation as a whole. I take full responsibility for my actions. 

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