Jay Feely messed up for a few seconds during Eastern Michigan's field goal attempt.

By Chris Chavez
October 07, 2017

Former NFL kicker Jay Feely must have been watching a completely different game for a few seconds.

During the first quarter of Toledo's game against Eastern Michigan, Paulie Fricano of the Eagles lined up for a field goal. He was six of seven on the year before the kick went right and totally missed the uprights. Feely followed it up with some strange commentary that didn't line up with what actually happened. 

"Off the crossbar," Feely exclaimed. "He just barely had enough but he knocked it through, man! That's a big kick for Paulie Fricano. Eastern Michigan answers. 3–3."

Watch Feely's commentary below:

He later clarified that it fooled him and thought it bounced in. 

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