• Well, that's certainly one way to celebrate your brother scoring a touchdown.
By Kellen Becoats
October 07, 2017

Who said mid-major college football doesn't provide any action?

Western Michigan and Buffalo played to an absolute slugfest that spanned seven overtimes and a combined FBS-record 139 points in which the Broncos won 71-68, but the best moment of the game came when WMU tight end Donnie Ernsberger scored a touchdown in the first overtime. Perhaps not knowing the game wasn't over—it would get tied up at 38—Ernsberger's sister rushed the field and hugged her brother to celebrate his TD.

The problem? Um, well the game wasn't over and the Broncos got a 15-yard penalty. The kicker? Ernsberger's sister got kicked out of the game for coming on to the field. 

May #MACtion never end. 

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