Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs announced that he will step down by June 1, 2018.

By Charlotte Carroll
November 03, 2017

Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs announced in a letter Friday that he will step down by June 1, 2018, unless a successor is found sooner. 

Jacobs' last few months have been marred in controversy, with a FBI probe into the men's basketball program and a Title IX discrimination complaint. There was also reportedly an investigation into whether a took a part-time staffer took an exam for a football player. 

"The last several months have been a particularly difficult time," he wrote. "Across several sports, a series of controversies have arisen. They have begun to take their toll and have raised questions about why Auburn must endure such problems. As I have always done, I have worked my hardest and best to do what is right for Auburn. I believe in Auburn and will fight for Auburn. But as I consider the future and what is best for Auburn, I have prayerfully decided the time has come for me to step aside. Sometimes a new direction and new leadership are helpful in moving beyond current problems."

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Jacobs has served as Auburn's athletic director since 2004, but played football at the university starting in 1981. Under his leadership, Auburn has won 11 national championships and 24 SEC titles. 

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