Erik Ainge hit Lane Kiffin with the "You suck...Thanks. Bye." 

By Daniel Rapaport
November 29, 2017

Erik Ainge is many things. He was a multi-year starter at Tennessee. A former NFL quarterback. A radio show host. 

Apparently, he's also one of those guys who talks trash in the DM's.

Ainge, who currently hosts The Erik Ainge Show on Sports Radio WNML, posted a picture of a recent back-and-forth he had with Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin, who famously left Tennessee after one season to take the USC job. 

"Bc you suck and I don't ever want you to come back here. Thanks. Bye."

Woah! He hit Kiffin with the "Thanks. Bye." That's pissed-off high school cheerleader-level trash talk. 

Another thing to note here is that Kiffin, as he reminded Ainge, never actually expressed interest in the Tennessee job. After Tennessee backed off from hiring Greg Schiano, Kiffin trolled his former employer with the following tweet: 

Just another bizarre sequence in what has been a bizarre coaching search.

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