Alabama’s Mehki Brown lost his cool in the third quarter. 

By Dan Gartland
January 08, 2018

Alabama linebacker Mehki Brown lost his cool in the third quarter of Monday’s national championship game and had to be restrained by teammates. 

First, Brown, a redshirt sophomore, was called for unsportsmanlike conduct after taking a swipe at a Georgia player following a punt. Head coach Nick Saban gave Brown a stern talking to after the 15-yard penalty but Brown hardly showed any emotion while listening to the coach’s criticism. 

Just a few seconds later, though, Brown snapped and lunged at a person on the Crimson Tide sideline. He had to be restrained by linebacker Keith Holcombe.

It’s unclear who was the target of Brown’s outburst, but the man appears to be wearing a sideline pass, which would indicate that he’s not a member of the coaching staff. 

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