Dunbar apparently put his backpack down where he thought it'd be safe. He was wrong. 

By Daniel Rapaport
January 11, 2018

Remember when then-Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan had his playbook stolen before last year's Super Bowl? Apparently this is kind of a problem among coaches, because the same exact thing happened to Alabama defensive line coach Karl Dunbar two days before the Tide's 23-20 overtime win over Georgia in the national championship. 

According to Tyisha Fernandes of WSB in Atlanta, Dunbar put his backpack down at the team's hotel in a room where he thought it would be safe. He was wrong, as the backpack was stolen with his phone, laptop, cash, passport and, perhaps most frighteningly, his team's gameday playbook. 

I can only imagine what was going through Dunbar's head when he noticed the bag was gone and realized he'd have to tell Nick Saban that someone—anyone, really—had their hands on the Tide's playbook.

Luckily for Dunbar, Alabama came back from a 20-7 deficit to win their fifth national championship in nine years. Still, you have to think Saban won't forget about this mistake anytime soon. 

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