A favorite among Aggies fans, Conner McQueen is expected to join Chip Kelly's staff.

By Bruce Feldman
January 17, 2018

Former Texas A&M QB-turned-offensive analyst Conner McQueen is expected to take a job on Chip Kelly’s staff at UCLA as a graduate assistant coach, a source told SI.

The red-haired former walk-on, the grandson of Texas high school coaching legend Bob McQueen, became something of a cult hero around College Station during his time as a player. McQueen’s self-effacing, upbeat personality made him a favorite among teammates and eventually Aggie diehards. He even had his own weekly segment, “The Red Zone” (a nod to his hair), on the radio show run by A&M athletics.

The 5'10", 175-pounder served as a holder for the Aggies’ kickers from 2013 to ’16. He is expected to work with the Bruins’ defensive staff.

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