New head coach Ryan Day and his staff hilariously struggled to name popular 2010s people and things.

By Emily Caron
July 19, 2019

Ohio State football decided to switch things up by sharing a hilarious video to social media in which they asked new head coach Ryan Day and his coaching staff to name notable items and people from the 2010s. The video is based on the popular "Name the 90s" game that asks youngsters about things from the past era.

Most of the staff accurately named Fortnite, Black Panther and fidget spinners to start, but things got better as the subjects got harder.

Assistant coach Matt Barnes had one of the best answers of the segment when asked to identify Game of Thrones's Jon Snow.

"Some guy from Game of Thrones," Barnes said. "I don't watch it." 

When prompted to guess, Barnes replied, "[Expletive], Carl?"

The Buckeyes might need to bring this segment back in-season for round two as Day begins his first season as Ohio State's head coach following Urban Meyer's retirement last winter.

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