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Syracuse hocks jerseys after Tyler Ennis buzzer-beater, but surely no one will know

Tyler Ennis has been a strong starter for Syracuse all season, but he became nationally known after a buzzer-beater against Pittsburgh. (Rich Barnes/Getty)

Tyler Ennis

On the one hand: Bravo, Syracuse. Let us cut a swath through the hypocrisy that selling jerseys is about the name on the jersey and not the name associated with the jersey -- especially not the very popular freshman sorcerer that hit a 35-foot buzzer-beater a few days earlier.

Syracuse's quickly deleted tweet about Tyler Ennis. (Screengrab from Twitter)

Ennis tweet

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And let us cut that swath with very pointy, freshly printed currency and a cunning social media marketing campaign – Shhhhhhh that "amazing win" could be any amazing win you guysbecause there are 24 of them – while we all hail our new hero Tyl…

Well, since we’re not naming names here, let’s just code-name this operation: Eyler Tennis.


[NOTE: It is not totally recommended that schools do this, especially schools that are members of an organization whose amateurism rules are under siege. Specifically legal siege that this organization cashes in on the names and likenesses of the student-athletes who see none of that cash. Again, not totally recommended.]