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Kentucky amazes, Gators chomp and officials take center stage in social media

There were lots -- LOTS -- of incredible moments from the last four days of the NCAA tournament. Maybe the best collection of regional semifinal and final games in years, and above may be the best snapshot of the bunch.

Following the Cardiac Cats' improbable win over Michigan (following equally improbable wins against Wichita State and Louisville ... seriously, what a run from these young Wildcats), Coach Cal spoke to the team. He also gave Michael Lee a hug. Coach Cal loves Michael Lee.

Gators Eat Bruins

Caption contest time! I think every member of the Gators squad posted this on Instagram within 24 hours of advancing to the Elite Eight.

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Why Tennessee Got Screwed

Oh, right ... it was Lane Kiffin.

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RIP Mid-Majority

Dayton's loss to Florida in the Elite Eight marked the end of the fabulous website (endeavor, really), Mid-Majority. Bally, the iconic stuffed basketball mascot, was front and center in Memphis to take in the action (over Kevin Harlan's left shoulder), getting some TV time.

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Officiating Has Been Pretty Bad

Officiating in this NCAA tournament has gotten a ton of bad publicity, but rightfully so. The frequent reviews, waffling over calls, and preventing players from getting a little chippy late in a close game have been the main concerns.

Remember Grant Jerrett?

Everyone says Arizona could have used another big man this season. He probably would have helped.

Nick Fasulo (@nickfasuloSBN)

Rush the Court