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It's here: The long-awaited Ed O'Bannon v. NCAA trial has finally arrived. What began in 2009 as a case about video games has transformed into an assessment of the entire business model for major college sports. The NCAA has faced a number of notable challenges recently, but the O'Bannon lawsuit has the potential to be the most significant.

The trial takes place in a courtroom in Oakland, Calif., and will be on hand to provide daily coverage and analysis. For more content, check out the college football section page.

O'Bannon v. NCAA Case Coverage

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Staples: Judge asks key questions to Mark Emmert on the stand

Staples: Jim Delany reinforced the plaintiffs' key points in trial


Staples: NCAA suffers blow with revealing emails introduced as evidence

Staples: In trying to make a point, NCAA fumbles cross-examination


Mandel: Former Alabama WR Prothro: 'I want to see change for the future'

Mandel: Network broadcast contracts become focal points on day four

McCann: NCAA reaches settlement with Keller plaintiffs: What does it mean?

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Video: Is O'Bannon v. NCAA the most significant lawsuit in sports history?

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Weekly Updates

Week 1

McCann: NCAA reaches $20M settlement with Keller plaintiffs
Mandel: Ex-Alabama WR Tyrone Prothro: 'I want to see change'
Rickman: Dan Rascher talks big business of college football
Mandel: Attorney questions proposed revenue-sharing model
Mandel: Is NCAA anti-competitive? Roger Noll fields questions
Mandel: Questions of price-fixing, amateurism fill day one
Mandel: O'Bannon, Noll take the stand to open proceedings
Staples: With college sports model in flux, ADs forced to wait

Week 2

Staples: Delany reinforces plaintiffs' key points in O'Bannon trial
Staples: Judge asks key questions to Mark Emmert on the stand
Staples: O'Bannon just the start: Jenkins case could unhinge NCAA
Staples: Ex-Vandy LB Chase Garnham testifies about time commitment 
Staples: NCAA fumbles cross-examination at key juncture in O'Bannon
Staples: Revealing emails introduced as evidence damage NCAA case

Week 3

Mandel: How exactly did the NCAA botch the O'Bannon trial?
McCann: NCAA makes strong counterargument on final day of case
McCann: NCAA defends business model after plaintiffs call it cartel
McCann: Do Division I schools make or lose money on sports?
Mandel: Trial shifts to topic of product endorsements in third week
McCann: The legal importance of fan interest in the O'Bannon trial

More Coverage

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Staples: Coaches and ADs must adapt to a world with fewer regulations