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Steve Spurrier's most memorable quotes from 2014 SEC Media Days


HOOVER, Ala. -- There is no better wake-up call in college football than Steve Spurrier in the morning, and that's exactly what SEC Media Days attendees were treated to on Tuesday. South Carolina's head coach, who enters his 10th season at the helm in Columbia, S.C., took the podium and spouted off on a number of topics, ranging from Clemson to the state of the Big Ten to Davy Crockett.

Here is a collection of Spurrier's most memorable quotes from SEC Media Days.

  • On SEC Media Days: "We're ready for talkin' season!"
  • On quarterback Dylan Thompson: "He's the only QB in the country to beat UCF."
  • On program donors: "Big donors are similar to an owner of an NFL team. Best part is they don't tell you what to do."
  • On the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry: "I think it's a shame Texas and Texas A&M aren't playing each other. One of 'em changes conferences and the other gets mad."
  • On South Carolina fans: "I can assure you our fans would rather beat Clemson than winning the SEC. Personally, I'd rather win the SEC."
  • On Kevin Sumlin: "Kevin Sumlin is a good coach. ... He's a good negotiator, too. He's got a good deal."
  • On former Gamecocks quarterback Stephen Garcia, who is now a media member: "I saw him on TV last night. ... He's got his long hair back. Looks like he joined Duck Dynasty."
  • On his NFL coaching stint: "I thought I was going to coach in the NFL for five or six years, retire to the beach and play some golf. That was a bad idea."
  • On Nick Saban: "He's the greatest recruiter in the history of college football ... They're always going to be the favorite."
  • On Gus Malzahn: "Gus Malzahn is one of the best coaches in the country. They don't win that championship [2010] unless he is there."
  • On rivalry trophies: "I don't know that you can have a trophy for every game. I know in the Big Ten, they have several of 'em."
  • On his longevity in the SEC: "Pat Dooley always told me I'd coach longer at South Carolina than I did at Florida. He may be right, we don't know yet."
  • On the reported Texas A&M-South Carolina rivalry trophy, which would honor a South Carolina student who became a hero at the Alamo: "I always thought Davy Crockett was the hero of the Alamo. ... Came in and got killed and so forth."

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