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Oh look a (probably) inaccurate college basketball hate map

People love making maps of stuff on the Internet. There is a map of everyone's favorite band, everyone's least favorite band, everyone's favorite Ninja Turtle, everyone's favorite Bell Biv Devoe song (just kidding, it's "Poiso"n), and there are maps for sports too. Reddit likes doing a lot of them, and they don't seem entirely accurate, but hey, nothing is accurate in this world except the cold steely hands of death. 

Here's a survey based on the most hated college basketball team in each state conducted by user KMHokies35:

But, hey, I figured don't throw stones if you're living in map houses, so I decided to make my own college basketball hate map. I promise mine is 100 percent official, based on science and the tides and whatnot.

Duke hate map correct

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