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SEC statement says Vanderbilt's 'Anchor Down' jerseys were illegal

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The SEC has issued a statement saying Vanderbilt's jersey's from Thursday's night game against Temple were illegal.

The Commodores were initially penalized with the loss of a timeout for having "Anchor Down" on their jerseys' nameplates. NCAA rules prohibit all schools other than the military academies from having anything other than player names on the nameplates. 

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Vanderbilt had received an email from the NCAA approving the jerseys, though, and showed a copy of the message to the referee:

The referee then reversed his decision and gave Vanderbilt its timeout back:

The SEC, though, released a statement Friday saying that the slogan had not been approved, only the "colors and overall design."

Vanderbilt lost the game 37-7.

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Earlier this month, USF sought NCAA approval for jerseys with "THE TEAM" printed on the nameplate, but the school was told they were illegal.

- Dan Gartland