Between The Hashes Week 2: Dancing punters, Brock Hekking and bats!

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Each week, Campus Union will delve into the fun, the weird and the wacky of college football with a series called Between The Hashes. It’s a way to decompress from the madness of the week, and to find a few things that you might have missed.

With no preseason games like the NFL has, college football has to get going quickly. We got a week to stretch our legs and test things out and then, boom! Week 2 jumped off the screen. Whether it was Notre Dame's thrashing of Michigan, Oregon's second-half pointsplosion to beat Michigan State, Stanford's red zone failures or the Big Ten's disastrous afternoon, there was plenty to keep us healthy, happy and warm. 

As always, this file doesn't contain the best plays or the most electric performances or analysis of the day. It is simply the strange, wild and just plain weird from each week. Let's dive right in.

Somebody check on Blacksburg

While the Oregon or USC wins were probably the biggest in terms of "football" importance, from a story standpoint, Virginia Tech going into Columbus to beat Ohio State might have been the most interesting. The Hokies' defense put on a show against an inexperienced Ohio State offensive line, and Virginia Tech fans were (understandably) excited.

Let's Dance

When people are happy, sometimes they dance. This includes football players.

We had UTSA punter Kristian Stern "Move It Like Bernie:"

And Michigan State do the false start dance:

Fans of the Week

It was a tough contest this week as there were many very deserving candidates.

This Oregon fan got creative with his chest hair:

We had a dog in a raincoat at the Texas A&M game:

Notre Dame had – well I'm not really sure what this is:

And the Oregon Duck remains the best:

The Celebrity Roast of Mack Brown

First, let's take a second to give props to former Texas head coach Mack Brown. He's been really good on TV so far and has adjusted well to the new digs. He'll only get better over time, unless he catches the coaching bug again in the offseason. But when you do TV, you've got to roll with the punches if people bust your chops. John Saunders roasted him a bit on Saturday, and this is likely not the last time someone will make a joke at Brown's expense.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

This is Bat Country

Make all the Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas jokes you want. Now is a perfectly good time for them. I don't want to see bats during a football game. I'd rather see the Texas Tech fox. This is right now the only advantage that the Red Raiders have over the Aggies this season.

Call him Nitro or Laser

Bow before Nevada's Brock Hekking. He looks like an American Gladatior and is also one heck of a defensive football player.

This is also a reminder that you can be anything you want to be in college. Just take a look at this (reported) photo of Hekking from freshman year of high school:

Turn Down For Van

This just might be the best overall coaching moment of Week 2. Not only is Notre Dame defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder a dead ringer for Ethan Hawke, but he is also intense as all get out. And he had good reason to be this week, as the Fighting Irish pitched a shutout against Michigan to end the rivalry (for now).

Your Weekly Paul Rhoads Update

Let's check in with Paul Rhoads this week. Yup. Still operating in an entirely different plane of existence from the rest of us.

All Aboard the Family Truckster

Two Arkansas State players combined to give us the best poetry we'll probably find this season: National Lampoon's Vacation dad and immortal Chevy Chase character Clark W Griswold.

​I don't know why they call this stuff Hamburger Helper. It does just fine by itself.

Quotes of the Week

As always, it's a stacked category, but here are some of the best from Week 2.

The Ricky Dobbs All-Stars

As a general refresher, each week we will highlight some of the best statlines of the week, in honor of former Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs.