Big Ten lays out plan for athlete benefits under autonomy structure

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The Big Ten released a statement Wednesday outlining measures to provide increased benefits to athletes under the NCAA's new governance structure.

The structure, which was approved in August, will grant more rule-making autonomy to the nation's five wealthiest conferences.

Here is part of the statement:

The Big Ten will work to implement the following proposals through individual institutional action, conference-wide action or under the NCAA autonomy governance structure:
•  Cost of Education: Redefine full grant-in-aid to meet a student-athlete’s cost of education, as determined by the federal government.
•  Multi-Year Scholarships: Guarantee all scholarships. If a student-athlete is no longer able to compete, for whatever reason, there should be no impact on institutions’ commitment to deliver an undergraduate education.
•  Lifetime Educational Commitment: Ensure that scholarships are available for life. If a student-athlete leaves a university for a professional career before graduating, whether the career materializes, and regardless of its length, the scholarship will be honored after his or her playing days are complete.
•  Medical Insurance: Provide improved, consistent medical insurance for student-athletes. 

The Big Ten has also agreed to address additional student-athlete welfare issues including, but not limited to, health and safety, time demands and comprehensive academic support by way of a “Resolution” that creates a specific pathway and timeline for implementation.

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- Chris Johnson