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Between The Hashes Week 11: John McCain meets Sparky, Tiger Dog

Each week, the college football team here at SI will delve into the fun, the weird and the wacky of college football with a series called Between The Hashes. It’s a way to decompress from the madness of the week, and to find a few things that you might have missed.

Every leaf that falls to the ground is a reminder that winter is coming (shout out to Jon Snow), but more importantly that the football regular season is soon drawing to a close. November is when snowfall hits, when teams have to play in pouring rain, when it's 40 degrees, when those dang heaters get in the way and end up hurting somebody and when everybody looks funny wearing all that extra clothing.

It's also some of the last chances for college football's strangest moments to take place. Don't forget: the Urban Meyer pizza picture came after the Big Ten title game last year. There's still plenty of time to leave your mark on Between The Hashes lore. 

Here's the best of Week 11.

Running Mates

This picture of John McCain dropping the pitchfork before the coin toss of Arizona State's 55-31 win over Notre Dame is just so good, I want it blown up to poster size and sold at local retailers.

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Dance, Jerry, Dance

Jerry Kill has danced before. He will dance again. And he danced on Saturday, for all of us to enjoy after Minnesota smacked the heck out of Iowa on Saturday.


The Florida State band has the right idea. It played "Single Ladies" recently, and brought back more Beyonce when the 'Noles played Virginia. I appreciate the effort to go the extra mile and acknowledge the goddess herself, and hopefully other schools will follow suit with an appropriate tribute.

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The Uga I–Uga VIII Memorial Mascot of the Week

We've seen a Tiger Dog before out of LSU (and Clemson, for that matter), but it doesn't mean we can't celebrate this year's gigantic edition. 

I Can't Sleep

A few weeks ago Ohio State's football team was awakened by air horns in the middle of the night. And the sleeplessness hasn't stopped there. In East Lansing, the Buckeyes couldn't figure out the Sleep Number beds in their hotel and were having all kinds of trouble. Luckily it didn't show on the field, as Ohio State grabbed a critical 49-37 win over the Spartans.

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Les Miles Honorary Coaching Decision of the Week

This week's award goes to Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz, for challenging an incomplete pass with his team down 51-7 and under a minute to play. Iowa would later score on the drive to get the deficit to a much more respectable 37-point margin.

Quotes/Tweets of the Week

Let's not waste any time. We've all got important things to do.

The Ricky Dobbs All-Stars

As a general refresher, each week we will highlight some of the best stat lines of the week, in honor of former Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs.​​