NCAA tables proposed ineligible downfield rule

The NCAA tabled a proposed ineligible downfield rule that would have adjusted the rule from three yards to one yard
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The NCAA tabled a proposed ineligible downfield rule that would have adjusted the rule from three yards to one yard, the NCAA announced

The three-yard rule remains in effect for the upcoming season, and the NCAA said it will be a point of emphasis this season.

The NCAA says that more discussion is needed on the issue and that the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel were concerned about of participation in the rules process by head coaches.

Almost 60 percent of the Football Bowl Subdivision head coaches surveyed were in favor of the rule, but only 65 FBS coach participated in the poll. There are 128 schools in the FBS.


Offensive coaches unite against rule change proposal; Punt, Pass & Pork

The NFL’s downfield rule allows ineligible receivers not engaged with an opponent to advance one yard past the line of scrimmage at the time a pass is thrown.

The NCAA did pass several rules including allowing conferences or schools a choice on if they want to use eight officials during a game, calling 15-yard unsportsmanlike fouls when players push or pull opponents off piles and making players leave the field for one play for uniform or equipment issues.

- Scooby Axson