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Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott: Crop top jersey rule 'silly'

Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott says rule banning crop top jerseys is “silly”

Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott says the NCAA rule banning players from rolling up their jerseys and exposing their stomachs is "silly."

Elliott got the NCAA's attention this postseason for his abs and his almost 700 yards and eight touchdowns in victories over Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon, leading the Buckeyes to the national championship.

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Elliott said he doesn’t like how the jerseys are loose at the bottom, so he decided to tuck it up under his pads. The NCAA’s Playing Rules Oversight Panel later banned players from rolling up their jerseys in that manner, and anyone caught violating the jersey rule will be forced to go to the sidelines for at least one play so they can change.

Elliott signed a petition hoping for a reversal of the rule, and he says there are almost 10,000 signatures on it.

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"It's pretty funny to see how much the fans love it, and it really shows how passionate Buckeye Nation is," Elliott told

"You know, it seems like a silly rule, but it's something you really can't make that big of a deal about. It's just a jersey,” Elliott added. “I love the game of the football, and it's such a minute detail, so it's just like, whatever."

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Elliott ran for 1,878 yards and scored 18 touchdowns, adding 28 receptions for another 220 yards last season.

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