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Off-season O-line Index: Which team will have the top 2015 offensive line?

Which teams will have the best offensive lines in 2015? Who will be the top individual lineman this fall? Ben Glicksman and Colin Becht discuss.

The importance of an offensive line is consistently overlooked—until titles are won and first-round NFL draft picks are announced. Almost every championship team boasts a line of athletic behemoths powering the run game and protecting the quarterback. Each spring’s draft highlights the importance pro teams place on a talented line, as they use their top picks to select the best from the college level.

So, which teams and players will earn recognition on the offensive line this fall?’s Ben Glicksman and Colin Becht discuss the following in the video above:

• Which team will have the best offensive line in 2015? Who has the blockers to potentially make a run to the College Football Playoff?

• Who will be the best individual linemen in 2015? An offensive lineman has been selected first overall in two of the past eight NFL drafts. Could anyone from this year’s class emerge as the future No. 1 pick?

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