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Off-season D-line Index: Which team will have the top 2015 defensive line?

Which team will have the top defensive line in 2015? And who will be the best individual D-lineman? Ben Glicksman and Colin Becht discuss.

We’ve broken down every offensive position group. Now it’s the defense’s turn. Which defensive lines will be the most disruptive and capable of shutting down even the best offenses this season? And among the several defensive linemen projected to go high in next year’s NFL draft, who is the best of the bunch?’s Ben Glicksman and Colin Becht discuss the following defensive line topics in the video above:

• Which team will have the best defensive line in 2015?Ohio State relied on its D-line’s dominance to win the national championship last season. Who could do the same this year?

• Who will be the top defensive lineman this season? The Big 12, SEC and Big Ten all have some strong candidates, but who is the best in the nation?

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