Mike Leach: College Football Playoff should be 64 teams

Washington State coach Mike Leach said in an interview the College Football Playoff should include 64 teams. 
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Washington State coach Mike Leach believes the College Football Playoff should expand to include 64 teams, according to an interview with ESPN's Heather Dinich. 

Leach says the regular season should be cut to 10 games in order to make room for a larger playoff. The first round would become a home-and-home series, and bowls that currently exist would make up the rest of the games. In his ideal scenario, the playoff champion would play in 16 games total. 

“I don’t know why you don’t have 64 teams,” Leach told Dinich. “...The notion of pinpointing and selecting four perfectly, well that’s not going to happen. That can’t happen effectively.”

In its first year in 2014, the College Football Playoff consisted of only four teams, with some controversy over the exclusion of some schools, most notably Baylor and TCU. Horned Frogs coach Gary Patterson and ACC commissioner Jack Swofford said they were in favor for an expansion to six or eight teams, respectively. 

The second College Football Playoff is scheduled to begin on New Year's Eve.

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- Rohan Nadkarni