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Would soccer announcer Ian Darke consider calling college football?

Would soccer announcer Ian Darke ever consider calling college football games?

Imagine Ian Darke calling Alabama-LSU or Michigan-Ohio State?

Well, it's not crazy as it sounds. During this week's SI Media Podcast, Darke recalled a conversation in South Africa after the 2010 World Cup in which an ESPN manager asked him if he'd consider calling college football for the network.

"The idea was floated in my general direction but it lasted no further than 15 seconds because I said, 'Look, I would be found out,'" Darke said. "I'm a soccer announcer. And that's what I am…I think you have to know your limitations. It is very difficult if it's not a sport you have lived with and is in your soul for the whole of your life, to pick it up and sound authentic. Because you are broadcasting to a new audience who know so much about it."

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