Which running back is best positioned to be a Heisman finalist? #DearAndy

Can we change the lineman downfield rule? What's going on with Auburn? Andy Staples answers these and more in #DearAndy.
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In this week’s #DearAndy, Andy Staples answers your questions from Twitter on…

• Can we make everyone an eligible receiver? Don't you want fat guy touchdowns to feel special?

• Can we change the lineman downfield and holding rules? The former is much more complicated than the latter, which may never change. But I do have a suggestion for the lineman downfield rule.

• Which running back is in the best position to reach New York as a Heisman Trophy finalist? Only two running backs have won the Heisman since the turn of the century, but there are a few who have a chance to earn an invite to the Big Apple this year.

• Has Al Golden's hot seat at Miami gotten hotter or cooled off since the start of the season? The Hurricanes are 3-0 with wins over Bethune-Cookman, FAU and Nebraska, but they nearly suffered a devastating loss to the Huskers on Saturday.

• What's going on with Auburn? In July SEC media members voted the Tigers to win the conference championship, but so far they've underwhelmed in wins over Louisville and Jacksonville State and a loss at LSU.


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